Hi there!! I'm Kathryn Ivy!  I am so glad you found me and decided to stay a while!   I am a true romantic who is in love with love!  I am married to the most incredible man, Nate, and together we have one dog, a chihuahua named Penny Lane!  I am passionate about marriage and we work hard at it every day.  I love that marriage isn't perfect, but even more than that, I love that marriage is the perfect union of two souls.  I love that we bring different interests and opinions to our marriage. I also love that no matter what, we know that we have each other's hearts.  We believe in a tender yet strong love rooted in a kind of love that is greater than we could ever imagine.

Wedding photography, for me, is a reflection of that kind of love. The love that will move mountains.  The kind of love that listens and forgives.  Not only am I passionate about the wedding day, but more so, about marriage.  Because while your wedding day is so important and beautiful...it is only the beginning.